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Fishing Cabo San Lucas

The dream of fighting a big fish haunts all fishermen. An exhausting fight lasting for hours, the thrill of experiencing the power that suddenly surges from the ocean depth and tantalizes you with excitement – these are some of the ingredients that make the fishing in Cabo San Lucas a memorable experience for sea anglers of all ages and levels. Renown for the abundance of big-game fish and year around superb fishing, Cabo San Lucas & Los Cabos fishing charters

Boast a number of international fishing records. Due to the fact that there are more striped marlin caught within a radius of twenty miles of Cabo San Lucas all year round, this area is known as the marlin capitol of the world. Dorado (mahi-mahi), wahoo and yellowfin tuna are plentiful and don’t be surprised if you have one jump right into your boat! Catch and release is the name of the game for marlin fishing and other troy fish. Mahi-mahi and tuna can be kept. The late Jacques-Yves Cousteau visited over twenty times and named the Sea of Cortés the “world’s aquarium”. Officially known as the Gulf of California, this sea supports more marine life than any other body of water on earth. The Sea of Cortés is Earth’s newest sea though it was formed five million years ago when Baja California separated from the Mexican mainland along the San Andreas fault. It is now home to over 800 species of marine vertebrates and 2,000 invertebrates.

fishing_1A fishing trip to an exotic destination such as Cabo San Lucas requires planning, preparation and research. Our charters consist of two kinds of fishing boats: the pangas which are very big row boats with outboard motors providing few amenities or you might consider a cruiser which is a modern fiberglass boat providing shelter from the sun and includes bathroom facilities, staff, meals and electronic fish finding gear. Luckily, getting the most of that investment and making sure the fishing adventure goes smoothly is often just a matter of asking the right people the right questions. At Cabo San Lucas Villas we have done all of the planning and research, and are prepared to address any of the questions that may arise prior or after your fishing trip. Providing good service during our fishing trips is critical. The ability to catch fish is one thing, but it is not something that can be controlled. What can be controlled is the quality of the fishing equipment and the conditions on the boat. We realize that most of our clients appreciate a well-rigged boat and the professionalism of our fishing crews.

Whether your preferred method of fishing is trolling, casting, or drifting, whether you prefer fishing with artificial, live or cut baits, whether you are after marlin, mahi-mahi, or yellowfin, the knowledgeable crews of Cabo San Lucas fishing charters make your fishing experience a memorable one. There are charters for half day outings, full day or multi day fishing excursions with on-board living accommodations. Please contact us at Cabo San Lucas Villas and we’ll help you to arrange an enjoyable fishing outing on your next visit to Cabo San Lucas or Los Cabos. Our fleet of sport fishing or leisure charters on boats or yachts range from 31′ on up to 120′.